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Regulatory Documents
Legal Disclaimers

Legal Disclaimers

Huma Capital Ltda. (“Huma”) shall not be held liable for losses or damages experienced by its clients due to failure of third-party provided services. Huma emphasizes that all communication performed on the internet is subject to interruptions or delays which may prevent or hinder the receipt of updated information by the parties.

All information contained on this site is intended for informational purposes only and shall not be interpreted as any type of advice or guidance for carrying out an investment nor shall be used for this purpose. The products and services described herein may not be available in all jurisdictions or to certain investors.


Investments in securities market, especially those in investment funds, are subject to specific market risks, including, when applicable, the use of a derivatives strategy, which may lead to losses greater than the capital invested and the eventual necessity to contribute with new resources by its shareholders. INVESTMENT FUNDS DO NOT COMPRISE GUARANTEE BY IT’S ADMINSITRATOR, IT’S MANAGER, ANY INSURANCE MECANISM OR CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND – FGC. READ THE REGULATIONS, COMPLEMENTARY INFORMATION FORM, ESSENTIAL INFORMATION SHEET OF THE FUNDS AND THE INFORMATION LEAFLETS OF THE RESPECTIVE PUBLIC OFFERS, ESPECIALLY THE RISK FACTORS, BEFORE INVESTING IN ANY PRODUCT.


All information and materials described and contained on Huma Capital’s website are subject to periodic updating, without necessity of user prior notification.


This site may contain third-party information or electronic reference ("links") to third-party sites. These links and content are provided only for your convenience and information, Huma Capital does not maintain control, nor assume any liability and does not provide any type of guarantee in regard to such information, such as accuracy, quality and updating.


Huma Capital holds all property rights over the information and content (text, information, graphics, logo, etc.) available on this site.

The content included on this site can only be printed for personal use and all printed material shall contain a note regarding Huma Capital's intellectual property.

No user, without exception, may modify, copy, transmit, distribute, display, develop, reproduce, publish, license, copy format, create derivative works from, transfer or otherwise use, in whole or in part, for publication or for said information for commercial purposes, without prior and express written authorization from Huma Capital.


System access for collecting and storing information contained on Huma Capital's website for the purpose of creating or compiling, directly or indirectly, a database or similar, is expressly prohibited, except when authorized in writing by Huma.


The Huma Capital logo and name are trademarks under Huma Capital’s property, although not registered in some jurisdictions, and shall not be used for any purpose without Huma’s Capital prior and express written consent.


Products, brands, expressions, names, corporate name and logos under third-party property and reproduced on the Huma Capital website may also be protected by copyright, trademark, patent registration, etc. and must not be used for any purpose without prior and express written consent of the respective owner.


Electronic messages (“e-mails”) are not confidential, may not be secure and may be viewed, intercepted and altered by third parties or even lost during transmission. These email messages can cross country borders even if the sender and receiver are located in the same country.


Never use e-mail messages to transmit confidential personal information. Always start from the assumption that what is posted or travels over the internet is public, is not secure and can be lost.


Huma Capital is not liable before you or third parties for damages resulting from electronic messages sent to Huma Capital, whether by email or any other electronic message system.

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